Deborah Funmi Mupapa
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Deborah is the CEO & Founder of D&Ksuomi Network and Humanitarian who is passionate about providing a secure future for African people who are in dire need, through her non-profit organization D&Ksuomi Foundation based in Finland, USA ,DRC Congo and Nigeria. She has been active in various activities in Finland,USA and Africa.

The origin of EOAW which is a segment of D&Ks Foundation was sparked from the very personal life experience of Deborah Funmi Mupapa.  As a young girl growing up in Nigeria, she was physically and sexually abused by her step father at the age of 12, though she endured numerous hardships while growing up she always kept a positive outlook.

After several years of emotional healing, Deborah is strong, hopeful, and a happy woman today.

Deborah has a strong desire to help other women in Africa that are undergoing similar experiences and not able to speak out.

It is from this desire that the E O A W, D&Ks Foundation was created.
The D&K foundation is aimed at changing and restating the mindset of the world at large concerning Africa, D&K gives a non-political platform for women and young girls to achieve their personal growth and development. That’s why it is laying a strong foundation for women and girls as leaders of the future letting them know that they can make a difference in their lives.


Deborah Funmi Mupapa:

Her passion

It’s encouraging to hear Deborah; people usually expect someone discouraged, depressed or heartbroken, but instead they see a strong and dedicated woman that stands to be the voice of women and children.

She has an inspiring story to tell how she has been able to overcome her past and how she still managed to become the strong and the amazing she is today, happy mother, and  the founder of D&Ks Foundation and Empowerment of African Women, (EOAW). Her story serves as a true inspiration to people especially women as they learn how to overcome life situations and difficulties, especially to those who think they cannot make it.


Deborah funmi Mupapa has been the back bone of D&Ksuomi Foundation Empowerment of African women .

Deborah  Funmi Mupapa has organized several events to promote the cause of women and children in Finland,USA and as well as in Africa. 

​Deborah’s Childhood experience story...

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