D&Ksuomi Foundation believe in women development, we believe by empowering women, we empowered a Nation.

Through the hard living conditions in the developing countries, women become economically the main key and reliable partners to eradicate the Poverty.

The facts is that, a struggle woman living under poverty line can hardly manage to feed and send a child to school

Application For Loan
2-5 min video

The Application goes through approval Process and interview

The Board Members are in Action process

Winners will be on the Show to present their Business Idea to the           WORLD.

Group of training for the winners

Financial Training to learn on how to build their savings, credit and Loan very last day of the week.

Opening of Bank Account at D&Ksuomi Bank and procedure.

Group Meeting With D&Ksuomi Foundation,
Weekly group meeting to check on development. Loan, saving and Payment processing 

Online Application form

D&Ksuomi Bank use the repayment to Loan other group

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